"Art is what you make it, I bomb therefore I am"


     For the two decades I have been present on this earth I have had one goal, that is to create to develop and perfect myself through art, in that respect I have become a varied artist, working with almost anything I can get my hands on, pens, pencils, acrylics, spray paint, glass, CGI, to name a few. I believe the only limit to what you can create is judged by the time you will put in, and the risks you will take, and I think this has helped me grow as an artist.

      In 1996 I had come to the decision to work as a graphic artist, with the help of my friend Lon Chan the S.R.C. was formed under which we obtained our first contract to create 4 graffiti backdrops for a local club, things fell apart at the final stage and this project never reached completion, in 1997 we worked on various projects including a large mural for our school. In 1998 we went separate ways as artists and i worked under the name of "The Bomb Productions" creating a variety of Skate Logo's and Board Designs for a A Local Skate Team as well as generating links within the skate Design World.

     Pleyr Design and  The Visual Arsonists became the new names I would work under from 1999, but due to the political situation in the world I generally work under the name of Pleyr Design to avoid friction. Under this new banner I  have worked on a variety of different tasks ranging from portrait work to  designing the logo's for a range of individuals and companies, as well as developing a range of clothing.

     The future....I'm ambitious to get ahead, the competition is fierce, but I will go that extra mile to win.



Traditional Media Software
Pen & Ink, Pencil, Graphite,  Charcoal, Acrylics, Oils, Chalk Pastels, Airbrush, Sculpture (glass, steel & various other media), Spray Paint, Chinese Watercolours, Architectural Modelling, Markers,   3D Studio Max -  Low and High Polygon Modelling, AutoCAD r14, Corel Draw, Corel Photo Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Freehand, Poser 4,  Dream weaver, Microsoft Office, Microsoft FrontPage, 3D Flash,
Contact Details    
Employment and contract related : Bososoku@hotmail.co.jp

Commercial Game/Art Credits:
Elemental - The World's Best Discreet Art
Publisher : Ballistic Publishing
Publish Date : Summer 2004
Artwork Type :
Vehicle Art : Ueo D'sift AE86 Sprnter Trueno, Fantasy JGTC MR-S
Street Racing Syndicate (SRS)
Studio : Eutechnyx
Publisher : Namco
Release Date : Summer 2005
Role : Vehicle Artist (sample) (2004)
Studio : Moonbyte Studios
Pubisher : Atari
Release Date : Summer 2006
Credited Role : Vehicle Artist (2004/05)