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Author Topic: The Crew Screw  (Read 3045 times)
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To the '80s

« on: January 07, 2015, 03:20:03 PM »

So i had this game handed to me as a gift, i might say i have some mixed feelings about it. There's some stuff done proper, some stuff that could have been done better and some stuff that's flat out wrong, but in overall, nothing really shines on it.

What I liked:

- The Map
Yeah, i know it has some geographical mistakes, and some stuff that makes people go "WTF", but so far i think its a really good depiction of USA in a racing game, plus its huge and you indeed can "drive anywhere" as long your vehicle is up to it. props for having Bonneville Salt Flats in a game, really awesome to race there.

- Car Shaders
For someone who likes to mess with 3D like me, i gotta say i was impressed with the quality of the car shaders for this game, somehow they managed to catch the proper look for stuff like chrome, matte, gloss paint, carbon, even suede textiles are great looking inside cars.

- Day to Night transitions
Even thou the game is lacking some weather effects, the day to night transitions are really good, the color of the sky changes a lot and seems realistic depending on where you are in the map, aswell, clouds and other stuff that makes each region of the map look unique. Crossing the map feels entertaining as long you have time to stop and enjoy the view

Things that could have been better:

- Car Selection:
Well, at least for me, it feels uninspired, they went with pretty much the bread and butter of the latest racing games, somehow, after playing both TDU1 and Driver SF, both games made were kind of inspiration for this game, i was expecting more flair on their selection. Its not a bad car rooster, it just could have been more in my opinion. Also, the game could have come with more cars than it was shipped with, at least it how i fell

- Customization:
Customization is good, but when other games like Forza and Midnight Club set a standard for the genre, you can't help but to compare with it and feel like it could have been better. The idea behind having car specs to allow you to have multiple variations for each car is nice and adds some freshness to the game, but it could have been more detailed in my view. The game feels limited when compared to others.

- Performance Tuning
The idea behind getting parts from street challenges is neat, allows you to save money when getting your car to top spec, but as any game, grinding parts becomes a chore after some time, and when you have 40+ cars into your game, that's one big chore.

What is wrong:

- Menu navigation
Seriously, this gotta have the WORST menus I've seen in a game, everything feels cluttered and misplaced, and navigation goes back and forth so many times that's too annoying to keep, had to set a key to go directly at the map to avoid that, but even so, it can get on the gripes of anyone who like to keep stuff simple and direct. Also, during the races, it annoys me to no end how the checkpoint and opponents tags can get into your view, completely blocking it for mere moments, which can result in accidents.

- Forced Social/Online Gaming
First and foremost, this whole game could have been played in single player mode and it would have not made a minimal difference, I've got 80 hours clocked on it, and I have yet to play a single PvP of any kind or join a crew for any mission. The whole "crew" thing feels like an bad after thought, and the way its forced onto the player is laughable. Most of the time what i see is people playing alone or at the most cruising on their own.

- Grinding for money
Everyone hates grinding, thats a fact and all also know its a bad way to keep people playing in your game, but unfortunatly, this is what happens here, and a lot, to give you an idea, if you play the game, start to finish you will probably finish with about 200k ingame "bucks", the LaFerrari costs 1 million bucks. Yep, that's right, get ready to grind for days if you want to buy all 40 cars, their specs and customized parts. Everything is too overpriced for a game, and the vehicles seem to be priced on their coolness factor, instead of their real life counterparts price. The other way to easily get money is sending your friends to do missions for you, which is nothing less what 99% of the social games on facebook do with you when they say to "ask friends for help". Seriously, this cheapens the game so much that's not even funny.

Whats flat out wrong:

- Rubber Band AI
Well kids, that thing is on PCP, Speed and Acid. Fine example, police cars can keep up with Koenigseggs, even thou they are ford crown victorias. Or when you are doing 390km/h on a highway, and the 2nd place passes you, and in less than 3 seconds is almost 600mts away from you already. This is extremely annoying on missions that you have to either crash/follow someone. You hit them, the next second they are 4 blocks away from you.

- Game feels unfinished
have you ever seen a game with customization where there's no Gloss paint for cars? Or stuff announced on videos that are ingame, but not accessible to the player. It happens here, a lot, Cars have missing specs being used by the AI but unavailable for the player, Customization options for standard colors are missing aswell, no weather effects like rain or fog. For the price this game was rated for, i expected a LOT more when it comes to content. Even thou devs said they will be adding the missing stuff as it gets done, the whole feeling of it is unacceptable.

Anyway, i shall post some pictures i took from it later.

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« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2018, 10:16:04 AM »

Reading this thread sent me back and reminded me how much of a disappointment The Crew was. The second game was much better though.
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