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Author Topic: Cheap and nasty texturing tutorial - PART 1  (Read 4406 times)
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« on: June 02, 2004, 02:54:15 AM »

The very basics of mapping....

before we get onto mapping the whole body, we'll start with the easy part

mapping a headlight.

at the moment, you've got a car that looks pretty lame to say the least, its just a solid grey block (of course the colour can vary, depending on your settings) so you want to add textures to emphasis, or differenciate between parts.

the first thing your going to need to do is to detach the parts that you want textured, since for the most part this is the easiest way to tackle it. rename the part to somthing memorable like, headlight01 (for example)

easy peasy Wink

now, we select that part we just attached and apply a UVW Map, this is found in the drop down box of the modifiers menu.

we apply a planar map to this part,
use the x,y,z radio buttons to align the texture to the object, and the fit button can be use do stretched the texture of the entire object, this can be useful in the case of lights which use multiple textures, since the mapping co-ordinates will remain the same no matter which texture is used

of course, were goig to be using a single texture for the whole car, so we want to be as conservative as possible.

so one we have planar mapped the headlight, we assign a UVW Unwrap modifier to the light, this allows us to edit the positions of the mapping co-ordinates in relation to the texture.

when we hit edit a box appears which shows the object we want to map, and the texture, your then able to move the objects vertices around, or scale it in relation to where you want it on the texture.

once you've got the verts aligned your done, and you can move on to mapping all the other parts of the car using the same technique, given time your model should look pretty nifty.

the obvious part is....

dont try to map a V35 Skyline to a 2005 Mustang texture..... Tongue

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