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FAQ ON USING PARTS FOR RACER : Read this before asking, its probably been answered before.
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This is a Global Readme for all parts hosted in this forum section. This only apply to the works provided by the main contributors (SFR, Cosmoto, Feroci, Blackfire,etc).

1. All the parts/textures/files etc hosted here are intellectual property by their respective creators and for that reason they must be credited if you are going to use them with one of your models.

2. No parts here can be used for commercial purposes, they are provided for free use and in no way can they be used by any profit making individual without prior written permission from the respective author.

3. Do not hotlink to or re-post any of the files available here on another forum/site, if you wish to make someone aware of a file existent here, just let them know and link them to the forum in question, then they can register and download the files for themselves. That way there is no excuse for people to "forget" who made which part. The same is valid to pictures depicting the files hosted here.

4. Do not convert to any format and release any of files available here on another forum/site with the sole purpose of redistributing them.

5. Feel free to post your own bits, thats why its an open forum... just make sure they go in the "User Contributions" Forum

6. If a file has it's own Readme File, consider the rules established on it over the ones written on this Global Readme.

6. Have fun, make mods... and enjoy
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