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Author Topic: Usage of your parts for Render Scenes  (Read 7565 times)
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« on: July 14, 2007, 05:48:38 PM »

First I want to say hello. Im a member of the community of the game "Live for Speed". Its a online Racing Simulator with a high level of realism. www.lfs.net

Well. A small part of the community is very fancy with creating 3d Scenes in 3dmax for showing custom paintjobs. There are already some standard scenes available with the pure 3D model of the car as it is shown ingame in Live for Speed. But for people like me and a lot of others these standard scenes are not enough. We like it to customize them with new rims, spoilers and stuff etc. And thats the reason why Im here. Here you can see what I am talking about: http://www.lfsforum.net/showthread.php?t=104&page=55

Sombody named "Airone" linked me to this page. He told me that here are great 3dmodels available for download. And yes indeed they are really nice. Respect.  Wink My question to all authors of these great models is:

Do you mind if we use your work for LFS-Render Scenes?
Of course I know that your models are for the game "Racer" but its not that hard to make them ready for the use in 3dsmax 7 and Brazil RS. The way I do it is to import the files in ZModeler. Export them in *.3ds format. Import them in 3dsmax. Convert the textures to *.jpg's. Make the materials for Brazil Rendering system. And save the file. Now I can use this scene to merge with the standard LFS Scenes.

Here is an example:

The point is I have planned to publish a little pack of rims and stuff wich are ready for rendering. And this pack should include some of your pieces. Of course I will give you full credit and link to this page. And you'll definitly see the pack before I publish it on forums of the LFS community or give it to somebody. I just want permission from you that it is OK to use your great models for this pack.

I see some conflict-issues with your general readme in point 3.

As you might have noticed there is a bar at the top which is a little announcement... but since the forum upgrade last week, the bar is unreadable, so a re-post to re-iterate that:

1. All the parts/textures/files etc here are property by their respective creator and for that reason they must be credited if you are going to use them with one of your models,

2. No parts here can be used for comercial purposes, they are provided for free, for free use and in now way can they be used by any profit making individual with out prior written permission from the respecitve author

3. Do not hotlink to or re-post any of the files here on another forum, if you wish to make someone aware of a file here, just let them know and link them to the forum in question, then they can register and download the files for themselves. That way there is no excuse for people to "forget" who made which part

4. Feel free to post your own bits, thats why its an open forum... just make sure they go in the right forum

5. Have fun, make mods... and enjoy

So what do you think?

* sorry for my English *
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« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2007, 09:30:56 PM »

Basically what that translates to, is we (the guys that make stuff) dont mind the models being used for what ever people want, as long as they are not sold. On the following conditions, that proper credit is given, and there is a link to this site so other people might find them.

There is really a conflict at all with the rules, in simple terms, what it says is, feel free to use them on your own projects just dont hotlink to / rehost any files found on this site.

In the case of if the parts etc. are included on a car for whatever game ie racer, nfs, gta or whatever its not a problem, to included  any mesh/texture since they are being used as a necessary part of a final vehicle.

However what your sayig is you just want to convert the models/textures and repackage them. Which while in essence is the same as including them as part of a vehicle, but essentially it is the same as re-distributing or even rehosting the orginal files, since they are not being provided as part of anything, but rather as the orginal download was, just in a different file format.

So i think, unless any of the other guys disagree with me, that it is best you exlude any parts that you have downloaded from here, and just tell people if they want extra bits and stuff they can sign up, and download them themselves. Since, exporting to .3ds isnt exactly rocket science.

It might not seem fair, but, the reason for this, the second they are converted and become part of a download pack, there is even less chance for the models to be traced back to their original authors, regardless of any credit in the original pack, primarily because once converted into a more common format, its easier to port from program to program, and in the light of some recent drama with stolen NFS meshes being sold on Turbosquid, being taken, and put on one of the many 3d mesh sites for sale.

I hope you can understand this, if we lived in a more honest world it wouldnt be a problem, but there's so many people out there that are to lazy to do their own work, even people that would be considered to be fairly known in the community, that find it easier to "borrow" meshes and textures rather than take the time to make something that they can be proud of on their own. and as the rules stated.... theres a lot of people that seem to suffer memory loss when questioned where they've gotten something from.


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« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2007, 03:17:50 AM »

OK. I understand this. Its your work and you can decide what should be done with it and what not.
I just wanted to ask you if its possible, and it is not. And thats full OK. Dont think that I wanted to steal your copyrights. That wasnt my intention.

Maybe I'll show some pictures of your wheels and link to www.gtapex.com. You'll hear from me.  Smiley


Dr. Gonzo
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