Sprinter Trueno (AE86) Racer Addon
I have updated this section with the latest information about the Trueno for racer, which has gone from being just a simple addon, to more of a full on mod... On the 18th of December 2004 I released the lite version of the car, which is pretty much the final version of the stock release. Contained in this download are both the Stock Zenki & Kouki models of the car, as well as a bonus Fujiwara tofu version which features foglights.
AE86-Lite Download
Download here: http://www.gtapex.com/forum/index.php?topic=424.0
Additional colours / Trim levels availiable in the same thread
Below is a brief glimpse of what is to come in the final release of the car, and I've put together a little guide of the remaining versions that will be made. The full version will feature at least 10 different body styles to chose from, stock to JGTC, as well as a host of rims, steering wheels, dash options and of course performance upgrades.
Other Fun Stuff
Take a look at the D1 model online  here   (right click zooms, left click rotates)
While the Lite download is pretty much the final version of the car, there are a few errors, that still exist in the mesh, and while they don't necessarily detract from the overall look of the car, anyone with a little more than the layman's knowledge of the car will spot:
1. Rear window line, this was an error that came in from optimising the high poly D1 model, so the base of the window is a cm or so higher than it should be, While it is not glaringly obvious, the window line for both side windows should be level
2. Tailights, because both gens share the same brake/rear light model, there is only one texture included so the kouki version will appear with the zenki rearlights (although the redline border is still present)
3. Minor interior errors, there is a vent missing from the driver side, I ran out of space to fit it in, also there's a few things like rear seats which are missing (mainly because they are not visible)
4. Small texture errors i.e. badging etc.. these stem from the fact the two models share textures, so I can't badge them as they would be normally, although for the most part the rear badging remains pretty similar.
5. Stock car... aftermarket exhaust...
About the INI (Performance File)
The performance of the Racer trueno is based of real world values, and its more than just your average bit of compiling of data, and my thanks go to Cosmo° for his in depth research and hard work in perfecting the ini to what it is today. We've gone a little GT3 on the ini in a sense and tested against real world AE86, so it should provide a fun drive, but if your expecting initial D physics... then you have another thing coming.
For the final release, Cosmo° has been working on a number of performance ini options ranging everywhere from a light tune job to a full on race prepped monster, the car will be availiable with a wide range of ini options refined for wangan, touge, track or just daily driving.
Stock Bodies
Body Kit Options (Unfinished models substituted by photographs)
SFR Bodykits
Colour Options
Availiable Colours to Download    
To be released soon...        
Special Colours (Unfinished skins substituted by photographs)
Rim Options
An example of ome of the rims that will  be available in the full download